Christmas - oy vey!

    Jung says
  • If you are boys, your God is a woman.
  • If you women, your God is a boy.
  • If you are men, your God is a maiden.
  • The God is where you are not.
Thus we see that actually the world’s sentimental celebration of the ‘harmless’ Christ child is the opposite of what it appears, and is actually a tacit acknowledgement of the world’s own irredeemable cruelty – for if people actually wished to explore & integrate their own unacceptable rapacity they would actually come to terms with what the cross symbolises. But that aspect of Christianity is now almost wholly excluded by our greed. Christmas is a collective pretence that we accept the idea of a second birth, while in practice The West wholly ignores its implications and continues on its plundering murderous path, while blaming its contributions to the world’s ills on Communism or Islam or whoever’s next!   
    Ho ho. You see I'm in the Christmas spirit already! 

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