E Pluribus Unum

'From many, unity.'

Nobody could have lived a more scattered, scatty life than I. Yet as I wandered /wondered throu the different rooms of my personality I had a single purpose. To uncover the Christ in my life. It was as if by visiting each person within me I was excavating an aspect of the whole, what the Vedas call purusha or fully-achieved human. I sought unity within the diversity of my experiences.

If we are not seeking a unified awareness then all the diversity we experience has no context. It's like sitting on a train & seeing an unfamiliar countryside flash past the windows. It may be pretty but we have no identification with it and it is ultimately meaning-less for us, the memory is quickly erased.

I had the experience of working with a group of voice hearers. Two things struck me: 1) was that many young poets & authors would have traded a limb to 'hear voices': 2) the patients were tormented by experiences which had neither meaning nor context for them. Why was that? Sadly because, as far as I could discover, not one of them had this essential impulse to seek unity or intunity (a word I have coined to indicate a state of inner harmony). Buffeted about as they were by the vagaries & diversity of life they could only see it as random and appeared to lack any sense of an underlying unity, let alone the impulse to rendezvous with it.

The challenge is to distil the essence of life's many flavours until one's sense of them becomes visible as a quintessence.

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