Life line

The word god is like a deep jam jar. After humans have extracted the contents to suit their taste/s, it has been given to the dogs. They have licked almost all the remaining nourishment out of it, except for a tantalising patina at the bottom where their tongues can't reach.

How then to communicate this sense of an inner liveness, of an intunity to the wellsprings of existence which animals know, but humans have to (re-)discover? Looking at my dog, observing life-forms growing around and considering the unceasing flow of springs, makes me think that the best description of the liveness which humans can know throu union with the intuitive otherness that is integral to consciousness is to describe it as a live line or life line. It is the spiritual equivalent of erectile tissue which is aroused by certain configurations of stimuli.

I have been seeking an expressive but neutral word to make the 'idea' of god comprehensible & live line or life line seems to work well.

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