It's about time

To adapt to a sick society
is to let the sickness enter
your very soul. And where then
is your budge point? Your alienation
is the only strength you have.
Use it like a lever to jemmy
open closed consciousness.
Challenge the prevailing certainties
with your uncertainty: question
what everyonelse thinks set in stone:
be the fly in the ointment, the ghost
at the banquet, the one who won't keep step
with the march toward the cliff edge.
So long as you don't sell out, the Power
That Is still has one in hir sleeping
army, one awaiting the call
to activation. And when you know
it's time to step outside your door
you'll be amazed to see the neibours
you thought indifferent emerging from theirs.
And so, at last, the revolution ...

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