Depression created by compression

> It came to me in meditation today that we humans experience Life in a way analogous to the way audio processing works. The system is set up to transmit the signal /content /lifeforce at full bandwidth. but the mind works like a volume control (in old language a potentiometer) to restrict /repress the transmission to a level it (the mind) can handle - as a result of natural or nurtural programming. hence depression.
> Not until we've experienced the full amplitude of the reciprocal nature of the not-I ('that of God') present within each of us throu grace entering our lives, be it by meditation /awakening /spiritual practice /love or as a free gift, can we really begin to understand how the social mechanisms of education & the limited language of public discourse act like audio compressors bashing our natural signal down to a predetermined level.
> The answer to depression is de-compression. Allowing the natural signal to emerge. Of course that feels extremely unsafe to the depressed person, because they've been programmed to believe there are all sorts of limits that they'll inevitably overstep, causing distortion – & it's correspondingly hard for such a person to accept that after the initial splurge of their repressed /compressed signal things settle down natural to a reasonably balanced flow.

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