The universe always says yes

To praise the being who is (with/in) you is to honour what is highest in your self. Whether you are praising another person or the life-force which is the source of all life you are celebrating not just your existence but the purpose for which you were born. In this way a harmonious world can be (re)created.
By their very constitution all fauna & flora honour their creation by 'doing what comes naturally.' With humans it's more complex our projective capacities have so outstripped our sense of the unity of life-forms on the planet. The greatest intellect in the world that is not based on the respect for /wonder at the mystery of life is built on flawed foundations. It is only underneath the radar in the world of feelings that we can come anywhere near the profound truths of wonder, of service, of dharma, without which are primary instinctis in children & animals .
If we think of love only as something personal which we give or receive we limit the scope of our understanding. It is 'the force that drives the green fuse', the impulse within evolution, the mystery at the heart of existence. If our response is one of gratitude, we can expect gratitude in return. If our response is one of skepticism, we can expect skepticism in return. That's how it works - the universe always says yes.

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