Atma - Brahma

"We, the Gods, surround you. If you would understand us, understand your self. You are different from us in only one respect – you have a body.
"Let us explain: Perhaps you have seen the letter A on a screen with the image repeated so it appears to stretch three-dimensionally in space? If you are the foreground A (the A that you see first) we are the intermediate AAs which diminish from your perspective until they reach infinity.
"Now think of it the other way round. Imagine you are looking from infinity towards your self. Infinity is no longer minuscule. You now see the function of the intervening hierarchy of AAs connecting what you previously thought remote to the human perspective.
"Infinity (the ever-evolving Godhead, Brahma) and manifestation (you, Atma) hang together as easily as either end of an expandable decoration. But neither end would make sense were it not for the middle which connects them, just as they are the logical extension of the middle. In ‘the real world’, that is the unseen world, the intervening links are necessary to step down the blazing infinity of power which fuels the universe to levels that can be handled by you. Electricity is still electricity, whether calculated in gigawatts at a power station or microwatts in a torch.
"If you want to understand further, relax your mind – Imagine you are in your favourite bit of countryside on a beautiful day after a good lunch – You are content. Under these circumstances your mind is free to explore anything without needing to know. Knowledge for its own sake is almost always harmful. In the spiritual life, experience /undergoing precedes revelation."

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